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Evolution of Begging: Internet Begging

 The digital age has made so much advancement that it is in fact very easy to perform some of the oddest things in life with the help of a computer with an internet connection. Like for example if you are broke and is looking for ways to get some urgent pocket money or if you are genuinely in need of some serious cash, then you can resort to internet begging. Yes you heard it right, today internet begging is the latest trend in begging wherein you can visit an online begging site and beg or in more formal terms request donors to donate generously for your cause. There are several websites such as that provide the service of internet begging. Getting money doing almost nothing solid has not been so easy before. And you have several other advantages as well in addition to ease and convenience.
First of all, internet begging can be done from the comfort of your homes and you can very well make a good amount of money to support your monthly bills such as telephone, electricity and so on. You can even get money to fund your college excursion or even your tuition fee. All what you need to do is to visit an online begging site, post your genuine or even a made to look genuine story about your needs that sounds convincing to others and you are all set to go. When generous people notice your posts on such websites, they may offer a helping hand by aiding you financially. Well even if you do not get much, you do not spend even a penny and you are never required to do any work in order to get money. Things are as simple as that. If you can find a better way to make money easily by practically doing nothing, then go for it. It is almost certain that you will be disappointed looking for an alternative to internet begging.
Another big advantage of internet begging is that you need not disclose your true identity to anyone and hence be saved from the scornful remarks and harsh comments you are destined to receive if you resorted to begging on the streets or asking someone for help in the real world. You can create an account in an online begging site with a false name or identity and you can put up a convincing story. The only detail you may have to provide is your bank account details or any popular online payment option details that is required by donors to donate money to you. Once this is provided, then you can just sit back and relax and pray that someone generous notices your posting on the website and comes forward to help you.

One important area where you need to be extra cautious is the story you put up to beg for money. It must convince those who read the story in an online begging site. If they feel you are just making false statements to get money easily, then you will not get even a single penny. So try to come up with a great story about your woes and you can really make a good fortune via internet begging.

Begging Online – Raise Money Through Internet

World has come closer with the endemic spread of internet. Internet is not just being used by the business world, it’s a time where people use internet for anything and everything. The several opportunities of using internet varies from shopping, looking for opinions, looking for medical health advice, distance education, internet trade and lot more!

When we are after all these advancements with the help of internet, why not it be used to seek money online? We are literally talking about begging online. Yes, it’s a reality these days with the advent of online begging websites or rather websites that would help you earn money online by explaining your needs. People use such eBegging systems to gather money for noble causes, for completing their studies, for relocating to get a job, for buying basic house hold or even to pay their rent. EBegging is getting into a different level due to the endemic spread of the World Wide Web. People who are reluctant to beg publicly or who are concerned about their anonymity can make use of such eBegging websites. There are several positives associated with such a website. Either it is a social cause or personal needs, one can always beg online for money.

Assured privacy is one of the key functions of such eBegging sites. The person trying to obtain cash might have had a good life before and was thrown into mishap by some unanticipated reasons. Such people never want to get rid of their identity by going around and asking for the cash they need for their primary needs. eBegging sites provide overall privacy of the eBeggars engaged. Delicate information such as private information is invisible in such eBegging sites.

It is the easiest way of making money. Only thing is that you have to explain your requirements in trustworthy manner and should be compelling enough for the viewer to donate money to your cause. Refrain from using slogans or templates to address the viewers with your needs, as it would make them bored very soon. Make it look credible and time bound.

eBegging websites serves as a place for individuals from various locations to contribute to your cause without any regional restrictions. The probability of gaining cash is high as begging online is not confined to any particular street or town. People from across the world can be reached out with the help of such eBegging websites.

Since internet is an anytime available system, time zonal difference is not an obstacle for you to use it for begging or rather asking money for a cause. If begging in the street, you can’t move around after eve. However eBegging keeps no such restrictions in making use of its services. The payment channels used in the eBegging websites are very much secure. They make use of the money transaction systems including PayPal.

How Cyber Begging Has Evolved To Be A Great Resource Of Help?

Today computers have become such an influence in almost any field. The internet is one area where the most happening events take place every single minute. The influence of internet has crossed all boundaries of cultural and social barriers. Today you have almost any service conducted via internet. If you have not heard about anyone going online begging for money, then brace yourself because today we even have online begging portals that do just that. Are you amazed? Well don’t be because you can find several cyber begging websites wherein people actually request for financial assistance by citing their woes and without offering to do anything in return. The best part is that you even get money through these websites because several generous people are willing to assist you financially if your stories of suffering are indeed genuine. So how does one exactly go online begging for money? we have the answers for that.

These days there are several sites that allow individuals to tell their woes to generous folks with the hope that they would help them financially. If you can come up with a credible story, then you stand a chance of getting some aid from people who read your story. Not only that online begging provides you the advantage of getting resources and economical aid for your problems from an international viewer base. If you were to go around the roads asking for cash, then you only have the possibility of getting something from the little vicinity of your town. Another big benefit of online asking is that you need not expose your real identity. Begging on the streets on the other hand will result in a vast majority of people scornfully shooing you away and besides you may have to face other physical and mental harm as well. Going online begging for money totally relieves you from this problem.

All you need to do is to sign up in an online begging portal. You need to create a user account where you need to provide some details and most of them do not require your original credentials and you can use alias names. What is important is that you need to provide your bank account details because generous people would pay the money onto the accounts mentioned under your profile on the online begging website. Once you have supplied all the necessary credentials you can start begging online for money. What you need to take extra care is in supplying a credible story of suffering. You cannot simply put up a story without sense and ask for money as you are not likely to get anything. Make the story seem legit and you may get some help.

So even though it seems to be a humorous concept, cyber begging is indeed a great way to grant and receive help.

Cyber Begging: Raise Money And Fulfill Your Goals

Sometimes technology makes its impact in areas you never imagined would make use of it. One such are is begging and if you thought that begging was all about walking in shabby clothes on the streets asking people for money and food, then you are gravely mistaken. Today you have internet begging wherein you can make a request to generous people to grant you some financial help so that you can accomplish some purpose. The entire concept seems to be impractical? But it is indeed a reality. You can find not just one but several websites where people post long stories of their woes in order to convince those with generous hearts to offer them with money. The best part about this is that people actually donate money to users on such internet begging portals. The reasons posted by you should be legitimate or at least appear to be legitimate in order to win the hearts of people and if you manage to come up with a great and tragic story you could even get a big fortune thanks to the generosity shown by some people with enormous wealth.

It is an online begging site that makes cyber begging possible and you need to post a genuine or convincing statement to ask for money here. You also need to offer some information such as your banking details such as account information because individuals often deposit the cash onto your bank accounts. Once you have given all the facts, then all you need to do is to wish that some wealthy guy sees your request and comes to your aid. You can provide any reason for begging that ranges from funds for paying off your tuition fee or for getting a decent shelter. The choice is yours and all you have to do is to make it look convincing for readers.

An online begging site would have the necessary payment gateways integrated into it so that those who wish to donate to the website can do so in any convenient way they want. Most people would prefer direct internet based banking or via Bank Debit and Credit cards. Whatever the case, such websites that facilitate internet begging would have the payment solutions all set up. As an online beggar, you should understand that people who actually donate are not fools and hence you should not go overboard with your begging pleas. If at all you have a genuine case in needing financial assistance then try to focus on publishing it rather than making up false stories that no one would believe.

Cyber begging is indeed a great way to raise money for your goals if you can manage to convince people.

Advantages of Internet begging

Internet begging or Cyber begging is the begging over the internet rather than begging around the streets. It is defined as the online version of traditional begging, i.e., asking for online donations to meet their immediate requirements. Any kind of financial crisis can overcome with the help of cyber begging and  it is the most simplest and convenient way of earning money.

When they reach a state of helplessness, begging is the last option left for them. There may be various reasons for begging, some of them need money to build a house, or may be for their education and  few may need to meet their daily requirements, for paying loans, etc.

Following are the advantages of internet begging:

Ease in money making – Using cyber begging any one can earn money in an easy way.  You have to explain your needs so that they tend  to contribute towards your cause. So the better you explain your needs higher  be  your revenue. Always try to make your explanations stand apart and convincing .

Relative anonymity – There are people who are ashamed of begging on streets and there are some who feels disgrace of begging in public .So for these people ,online begging is an advantage as  they don’t have to beg in public .They can  have their own privacy in online begging.

Flexible time – There is no specific time in cyber begging. You can work at any time   with you own concern from any part of the world. Unlike in street begging, were you cannot roam about the streets during the nights. Here you have control over your time.

Global begging - Online begging is spread worldwide i.e., anybody around the globe can donate for your cause. This is a great advantage as the whole world can read your post, unlike traditional begging where you are bound to limitations. The donor can be from any country or any culture or any part of the world.

Can hide sensitive details – One need not reveal his or her personal details to the audience. As your identity is not relieved you can utilize this service with more confidence

Secure – As you are going for popular and reputed sites, you don’t have to worry about the security probs.  Money transactions are all done  through Paypal, or any other secure online sites  .

No wastage of energy – You can relax and sit in front of your personal computer and do online begging  rather than  begging around the streets

No ecological threat – You don’t have to worry about  thunder, storm or rain as you  are not begging around the streets. There are no environmental barriers and so you can stay safe.

Wider reach – In traditional begging, opportunity to beg in front of the people passing by will be too limited. But with online begging sites there is no restriction in the number of people that he can reach.

Introduction to Online Begging

As time passed by, personalized websites were becoming quiet popular and that is when individuals started advertising their personal needs and experience using the features of these inexpensive sites. In early days, traditional method of begging was done on streets. In the current digitalized world, traditional begging is replaced by Internet begging, Internet panhandling or cyber begging. In internet begging there would be an online begging site where beggars come begging online for money to meet their basic needs such as food, shelter, money and clothing. Begging online is the best technique for those beggars who feel ashamed of begging in public, thus reducing the number of street beggars. These internet begging sites are termed as cause websites, as people here asks for help.

By utilizing the latest internet techniques an individual could easily create their own website without any knowledge of web authoring systems. These days there are number of internet begging sites where these online beggars can register and own the domain. In these internet begging websites usually people ask for homelessness, medical helps like for various  treatments, surgeries, etc. These sites can capture the attention of the public very easily.

Some beggars use the online chat rooms to ask for money online, where they actually explain their problems or needs via chat, under the assumption that they will be paid more. But there are counter measures in these chat rooms to prevent it. Begging can be of different types. One can borrow or lend money online from a person without any dealing with the bank. Some may need money to build a house or for an operation or paying loans. In such a case one can build their own website explaining their cause. People tend to give money only when they feel it is a valid cause rather than just saying, ‘I need some money’. Also there are a few who actually offer talent in exchange for cash. A certain set of public think ‘Why give money simply? I’ll be more willing to give cash if you try to do something like play a guitar, or who is willing to do some cleaning work.’ Some ask help for completing their education or for some tools.

To set up your own website there are different methods. Easiest of all is by signing on to cyber begging sites, you may have to pay small monthly charges but it allows you to create your own site detailing your needs. Usually contributions are done using secure online sites that enables money transactions between people or organizations. These pages contain buttons for donors to click, to make contributions. Funds can be accepted through mails also, for this you should have a P.O. box for safety measures of your residential mail address. If you go through the search engine result pages you can see there are many who succeeded in achieving their goals and discontinued their Cyber begging activities there after.